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How do the sauna


The traditional Finnish sauna is difficult to reproduce at our latitude. In fact, after thermotherapy provides a run in the snow, a dip in a ice lake and at the end of everything, a massage with birch branches. In our quick showers or baths in cold water alternately to stay in the sauna and, upon completion can easily replace the ritual Finland. The gradual transition from the intense heat of the sauna, 90 ° C - 110 ° C cold bath or shower is used to improve the efficiency of the thermoregulatory center of the body and make a real gymnastics for blood vessels.
Sweating properly is an art and must be learned, just so you will have the maximum benefit and avoid getting to a situation of stress instead of relaxation.

How to do the sauna well
If you are doing the sauna for the first time, fear not: the heat will not hurt you, at most only stay ten minutes instead of twelve to fifteen, but not less than eight, because otherwise your body would not have time to warm up in depth.
If you feel you sweat just remember in the warmth and dryness the sweat evaporates quickly.
The first few times you will sweat later because the body gets used to it gradually over a dozen sessions, and it take the sweat glands to function at full capacity.
It is essential to have time to do it well and calmly in all its phases, the desire to relax and not think about anything

What to eat:
in the sauna you should not have a full stomach or empty stomach. The ideal is to eat a light snack before, like a yogurt or fruit. A warm tea of or chamomile drink before the sauna will help you to sweat. Mandatory and will be drinking after the sauna (never alcohol), never during.
Everything you need to bring: 2 towels to dry yourself after a shower or diving for a lie or sit on benches in the sauna and a robe in which to wrap in during the rest phases.
You must remove all metal objects. Not only do the prevent a good sweating but the warming up could also get you burnt.
You should take a hot shower or warm water and wash with soap before entering the sauna. This is not just a rule of hygiene but prepares the skin with open pores and relaxes the muscles throughout the body. Very important is to dry well before entering the sauna, otherwise it harder to sweat.

First step in the sauna:
enter sauna nude in a cotton towel, sit or lie by choosing the lower bench, which is less hot, in the next steps you might also like to switch to a higher bench. The permanence in the sauna will be from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 12-15 minutes, do not get up never shooting but always very slowly.

The next step is the shower or immersion. The shower always has to be taken and only with cold water. The hot water at this time would mean an effort for your movement, while the cold water would take you back to normal body temperature, and exercises the blood vessels, especially capillaries.
A tip: do not go and hit the shower directly, the washing should start from the far side of the heart, ie the right foot, go up the outside of the leg to the knee, down inside, back outside again of the leg to the groin and down the entire outside.
Same operation on his left leg, then on the arms to the elbow, then to the shoulder, chest and face as a result, the last one back. The whole operation is very short: only takes a few seconds.

Third step:
it is not necessary to carry out a third pass, but if you have time and want you as one who has long experience in the sauna. Further steps would not increase the benefit of the sauna and could you get tired, are therefore inadvisable.

The dive:
remember to completely immerse yourself in the water, including the head, otherwise you would have an excessive flow of blood in the left outside. The head plunges to last, never take a dip in the pool head first, after the sauna. Immersion in cold water up the tone and blood pressure, is very beneficial for those suffering from low pressure, not recommended for those with hypertension.

Now you're ready to rest, even at this stage it is very important, before entering the sauna again. In your bathrobe, you can sleep on the couch and you cover up if necessary, with a blanket.

It is always recommended a medical examination prior to the sauna or turkish bath, especially if you suffer from low blood pressure or too high, or if you have cardiovascular problems or kidney disease. Avoid these treatments during the pregnancy or menstrual cycle.
To complete the path to wellness we recommend a massage, useful not only to relax, but to restore the energy balance needed to face the stress of everyday life.
The massage after a sauna or turkish bath aims to regenerate the totally for physiological energy.
In it, there are maneuvers that will be aimed at relaxing muscles to relax as much as possible the person and maneuvers designed to stimulate specific energy points that enable you to regain the energy lost.