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Hotel Schwarzenbach Dolomiten Deutschnofen

Fabulous mountains at the plateau of the Reggelberg, that’s what Nova Ponente at the Dolomites has got to offer.


Nova Ponente is a municipality of almost 3,900 inhabitants and is located on the Reggelberg high plateau above the Val d’Ega. It includes the villages of Monte San Pietro, Ega (S. Nicolò) and Obereggen, as well as Nova Ponente itself. The municipal area stretches from 418 m to 2,799 m asl. Moreover it makes part of the so-called “Alpine Pearls”, focusing on soft mobility and re-creative holidays.

Nova Ponente is located on a high plateau, surrounded by the mountain massifs of the Sciliar, Catinaccio and Latemar in the east and the Zanggen, Corno Bianco and Nero in the south, while in the west there is the Mendola mountain range. Ideal conditions for those who love mountaineering!

Fixed rope routes and panoramic trails lead you into the heart of the mountains.

Hikes for everybody
In the municipality Deutschnofen/Nova Ponente hiking is versatile and the hiking trails are numerous. Short family hikes lead to the Petersberger Leger or the Alp Laner Alm. Longer hikes go uphill to the Zanggen or to the hut of Torre di Pisa.

Welcome to the mountainbike-lovers
There are more than 80 varied mountain bike tours in the region of Deutschnofen/Nova Ponente. One of the most beautiful tours: the Latemar circuit. 6.5 hours - 42 kilometers - 1,663 meters up and down. The Latemar curcuit leads over the Passo Feudo. And without overwhelming effort! But with overwhelming scenery.

Discover the capital Bolzano
What makes South Tyrol so special is particularly noticeable in its capital Bozen/Bolzano: A mix of Mediterranean way of life and Alpine traditions gives the city an irresistible charm and makes visiting Bozen a varied experience at any season.

Iceman "Ötzi" - Museum of Archeology in Bolzano
Three floors of the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology are dedicated to original finds and the story of Ötzi, the Man from the Ice: from the media hype surrounding his discovery to the research into the 5,000-year-old, exceptionally well-preserved mummy and the associated items, as well as all sorts of oddities, fascinating interviews and interactive experiences. The highlight of the exhibition is a lifelike reconstruction of Ötzi himself.

Observatory Max Valier
South Tyrol's only public observatory is located in the municipality of Karneid in Obergummer at 1,350 m above sea level, about 20 minutes by car from the Hotel Schwarzenbach.
With different telescopes and professional guides you can take a look into the universe.